Our Story

About us:

The iSmoothies Cafe® Co. is a premium smoothie brand dedicated to helping people live healthier, more successful lives by making and delivering high-quality smoothies based on their flavor preference, fitness goal and lifestyle. 

Founded in 2009, we began delivering 10 high-quality smoothies and meal replacements to the members and guests of some of the top fitness chains in the US. Today, iSmoothies® boasts over 1 Million Lbs of Protein used per year and we make over 29 products in both the smoothie and meal replacement categories.  

iSmoothies® was founded by an ingredient wholesale company working in the dietary supplement industry, who got fed up with the high price and lack of quality of the mainstream smoothie companies. Majority of the smoothie places lacked nutrition and taste and as a customer we found it was a hassle to try to talk to the counter person to find out the type of protein used or any information in general. To our surprise, there wasn't a company that served high-quality protein in their smoothies even though price was still high for what they served, which usually was sugar, flavor syrups and some protein brand purchased on special from the local supplement store. At that point we knew that we couldn’t be the only ones who wanted a better smoothie. That provided the incentive to create a place for people that are seeking healthy nutrition on the go for a very reasonable price.