What makes us the best?

We are obsessed in making the absolute best tasting and best nutritious smoothies anyone has ever tried. Every iSmoothie® is made fresh at our juice bars and it comes with our 100% money back guarantee for quality and satisfaction. Our goal is delivering the best product, using the highest quality ingredients.

From the warehouses to the stores - No "middle man" To make the best smoothies in the industry takes lots of people with one goal in their mind - perfection. From the lab crew making sure each protein batch is on point using HPLC testing technology, all the way to the warehouse staff loading our trucks and delivered to the retail stores. 

Farms to stores process - No "middle man"  We use the largest domestic farms and plants to supply our stores with all raw materials. All ingredients are transported to our FDA registered buildings in Richfield ID, Chicago IL, and Orlando FL. Once arrived they get sorted and delivered to our retail stores.  

The Proteins. Our retail smoothie stores use over 1 Million Lbs of total protein(whey and vegan) per year. We make sure the process of delivering protein from the dairy plant to our warehouses and then to our retail stores is properly timed to ensure maximum freshness without using any preservatives to extend the product shelf life. 

   The iSmoothies® use two types of proteins - Whey Protein Isolate or Vegan Pea Protein. Both types are lactose-free, dairy-free and cold temperature filtrated for maximum purity.

   Our Whey Protein Isolate comes from 100% grass-fed, hormone free cows.

   Our Vegan Pea Protein is 100% natural, Kosher and Halal approved.

   All our proteins come straight from the factory in its natural form without treating with flavors, artificial sweeteners, colors or any other alterations. 

   Purity and Safety Testing. Every truck load or protein comes with COA (certificate of analysis) to prove its purity. Every protein batch lot goes through a heavy metal testing to ensure it's safety before being delivered to the retail stores.

Real Fruits. We use local and domestic sources for our fresh cut and fresh frozen fruits. No sugary syrups or artificial fruit flavors.

Base Mix. All iSmoothies® use Stevia-21™ - a water based, stevia-infused mix totaling 21 calories. It's made of organic stevia extract, monk fruit with 2 types of natural flavor extracts. No artificial additives of any type. 

Natural Peanut Butter.  Our peanut butter comes from our plant in Suffolk, Virginia every month. The main reason why our Peanut Butter smoothies are the most famous PB smoothies in the industry. 

Organic Old-Fashioned Oats. 100% organic, natural oats which have been cleaned, toasted, hulled, cleaned again, steamed and flattened. Free of any bleaching chemicals usually found in some of the oats sold in the grocery stores. 

iStacks aka Beneficial Stacks. A variety of different dietary supplements is what makes our iStacks. We only use FDA approved ingredients, free of banned substances. Regardless of the high quantity we go through at our warehouses, we still keep a record for each ingredient we've used in the last 5 years.