3-Step Post Training Guide Breakdown

1. When you are working out, doing cardio, spinning class, zumba, swimming or yoga you perform a physical activity.

2. Any physical activity stresses the muscles which relates to muscle break down.

3. If you neglect proper nutrition post training, you are forcing your body to find the fastest source of nutrients to aid the physical damage that you caused during the training. In the case where there is no post training nutrition, your body will break down your own muscle tissue in order to get nutrients to recover the muscles that need it. This is counter productive to what we are trying to do when we work out. 

4. Our Protein Smoothies which we call iSmoothies® are essential for the repair and maintenance of your muscles. They are the fastest recovery you could possible apply post training and pre-structured or custom built with a variety of different supplements/blends that offer something for everyone whether your goal is general health or increased fitness. The timing of post-workout nutrition is essential for reaching those fitness goals as well as ensuring optimal recovery.

We suggest you drink any of the iSmoothies® between 5-20 minutes after working out. There is a window of time where the body reaps the most benefit from nutrition post-workout. Ideally, drinking an iSmoothie 15 to 30 minutes after a workout allows the body to take up the nutrients at a quicker rate to allow repair and recovery.